A Tool or a Quick Fix?

A Tool or a Quick Fix?

Some people view bariatric surgery as a quick fix for obesity, but at Advanced Weight Loss Surgery, more is expected of our patients than just showing up for the procedure. Weight loss surgery is a weight loss tool, and requires patients to commit to a healthy lifestyle, in order to achieve significant weight loss in the long-term. In a recent article, obesity expert Dr. Arya Sharma explained the role of bariatric surgery rather well. He said that “bariatric surgery should never be seen as a quick fix (it is not), as a desperate measure (it is not), or as a treatment to be reserved for only the most severe and intractable cases (it is not). Rather, modern bariatric surgery, done in the right patient with the right pre- and post-surgical care, is currently the accepted treatment for patients, who need to lose more than 20% of their body weight for health reasons.” At Advanced Weight Loss Surgery we offer a multidisciplinary program of lifelong education and support, providing educational resources and after-care support groups for our patients. Our Comprehensive program is the culmination of years of refinement to provide outstanding care with excellent results and an exceedingly low complication rate.

Recently, a report published by the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center reinforced our approach to weight loss. Obesity researchers at Wake Forrest found that education and commitment are critical components of a weight loss program’s success. They concluded that “successful programs stress patient education and long-term commitment to changed habits, in addition to healthier diet and exercise practices.”

Dr Greene and our team offer a range of weight loss options which included lap band (gastric band), gastric sleeve, and gastric bypass, as well as others. You can get more information by calling us at 301-251-4128. Or you can register online to attend one of our free educational seminars here.

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