Your journey does not end after surgery. The procedure merely completes the first stage that you will undergo as you proceed with your weight loss transition. The next steps entail additional challenges in relation to your nutrition, diet habits, fitness and other aspects of your total well-being. Our team emphasizes follow up care utilizing changing nutritional needs as you become more active through weight loss. We focus on your individual behavioral tendencies and lifestyle that brought you to our practice initially. The surgery is intended to be a tool to aid you in weight loss; however you will need to make conscious decisions that result in permanent weight loss. We offer the support necessary to change the behaviors that caused the increased weight over a lifetime. Even gastric bypass patients can suffer weight regain over time if the patient is not aware of the diet and behavioral changes needed to implement a lifelong commitment to healthy weight. AWLS has developed an extensive long-term approach to weight loss and maintenance. Our approach is an active process of conscious decision making regarding food choices, ongoing peer and professional support, and nutritional guidance, which has resulted in excellent outcomes for our patients.

Let us take you forward.