Changes to your diet will be applied in order to maintain your health. This is NOT about preventing you from eating what you want to, but rather it is about advising you to eat what is right for your body.

A well-balanced diet is best to keep your body full of nutrients as well as energy.

Each of our patients are provided with a complete nutrition manual. Our dietitian will meet with you multiple times to evaluate and discuss your eating habits. She will always be available to help guide you along your path to a healthy new you.

Exercise and Training

In an effort to give you the best possible care, the AWLS Team provides each patient with a pre-surgical activity assessment and pre and post-surgical activity plans. Using a few simple tests, the activity assessment determines your balance, flexibility, strength and stamina. The results of these tests help determine your pre and post activity plans.

The pre-surgical activity program is designed strengthen your heart and lungs while improving general circulation. Increased circulation is one of the many factors important in reducing the risk of surgery and improving recovery after surgery. Your post-surgical activity program stimulates muscle growth and enhances body fat loss while improving balance, flexibility, strength and stamina. When integrated with the stress management and nutrition modules, you receive the best possible program to safely help you lose weight while improving your health and well-being.