EMMI is an interactive patient education series that manages the expectations of people who are scheduled for surgery. It will explain what you should expect before and after the surgery and takes you through the procedure step-by-step. As our patient you will be issued an access code, so you can watch it at home, the library, or at a friend’s house, whenever it is convenient for you. If you don’t have internet access available, you may view EMMI in our office.

EMMI will walk you through the entire surgical experience from pre-op to post-op, including risks and alternatives. Each click is also recorded to create a permanent record of what you saw, heard and did while viewing the program. The program takes about 15 minutes to complete, and you can submit questions to our office at any point throughout the program. You can watch the program as many times as you want prior to your surgery. We encourage you to watch it with relatives or friends.

If you are already a registered patient of Advanced Weight Loss Solutions (AWLS), please enter your username and password at the right portion of this page to obtain your access code to the EMMI site, or if you already know your access code, you may log in directly to EMMI.

If you are a patient of AWLS but have not yet registered, you may sign up now to gain access to EMMI and to our Message Board.

If you are not a patient of AWLS and you think you are seriously overweight, you may attend our FREE Seminar to learn more about Obesity and Our Program.

Patient Comments on Emmi:

“All doctors should offer this. There are always things said at seminars or at the doctor’s office that I forget on the way home. The program refreshed my memory and was an effective way to stay informed on the procedure I was about to undergo.”

“It was very informative. It gave the information that I needed to know without being too technical or scary.”

“I think Emmi is a valuable asset to people who may be unsure of the procedure and the changes it will bring to their lives. It was good that you stress the fact that the LAP-BAND will not be doing all the work; the patient has to do their part.”