The following helpful resources provide additional information related to obesity and bariatric surgery:

American Diabetes Association®
The American Diabetes Association is the nation’s leading nonprofit health organization providing diabetes research, information, and advocacy. The mission of the organization is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.

American Dietetic Association
The American Dietetic Association promotes optimal nutrition and well-being for all people by advocating for its members.

American Heart Association®
The American Heart Association is a national voluntary health agency with the mission of reducing disability and death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

American Medical Association
Founded more than 150 years ago, the American Medical Association’s strategic agenda remains rooted in its historic commitment to standards, ethics, excellence in medical education and practice, and advocacy on behalf of the medical profession and the patients it serves.

American Obesity Association
The Association will champion the cause by promoting education, research, and community action that can improve the quality of life and self-image of sufferers.

American Society of Bariatric Physicians
The Society is a professional medical society of licensed physicians who specialize in the medical treatment of obesity and its associated conditions. Formed in 1950, ASBP has been instrumental in offering practical information that doctors can use in their bariatric practices, and supporting public policies to prevent overweight and obesity.

American Society of Bariatric Surgery
The Society was founded in 1983. Foremost American surgeons have formed this society’s leadership and have established an excellent organization with educational and support programs for surgeons and allied health professionals.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The CDC is the lead federal agency for protecting the health and safety of people by providing information to enhance health decisions and to promote health through strong partnerships.

Ethicon Endo-Surgery Website

International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity (IFSO)

Lap-Band System® Website 

Lap-Band Transformation

National Eating Disorders Association
The nation’s largest nonprofit organization devoted to the awareness and prevention of eating disorders.

National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute
The Institute is part of the National Institutes of Health, a federal government agency, and provides leadership for national programs in diseases of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, and blood; blood resources; and sleep disorders.

National Institutes of Health
Founded in 1887, the NIH is comprised of 25 separate institute and centers, all part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

National Library of Medicine (NLM), National Institutes of Health

North American Association for the Study of Obesity: the Obesity Society
The Society is an interdisciplinary society with the purpose of developing, extending, and disseminating knowledge in the field of obesity.

Obesity Law and Advocacy Center

Overeaters Anonymous®
A fellowship of individuals who, through shared experience, strength, and hope, are recovering from compulsive overeating.

Shape Up America!
Shape Up America! is a high-profile national initiative to promote healthy weight and increased physical activity in America. 

Club TOPS is a nonprofit organization that offers a healthy, caring, and supportive approach to weight control. 

WebMD provides comprehensive health information and services. The website includes the Weight Control Health Center, which is dedicated to education about morbid obesity and its treatment options. 

Weight Loss Surgery Info
If you’re still unsure about bariatric surgery and want to take a step back to learn more about the basics, please visit our companion website. While you’re there, sign up for the newsletter, WLS NewsSource. 

Weight-control Information Network
The Network is a national information service of the National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases, which is part of the National Institutes of Health. It was established in 1994 to provide health professionals and consumers with science-based information on obesity, weight control, and nutrition.

Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable illness and death in the United States. It causes many different cancers as well as chronic lung diseases, such as emphysema and bronchitis, and heart disease.

Quit Smoking Community
Everything you could ever want to know about quitting smoking. If you want to quit, this site is where you need to be.

Obesity Help

Walk From Obesity

Lapband Website
The LAP-BAND® System reduces your stomach’s capacity, restricting the amount of food you are able to eat at one time.2 You also feel full faster and stay full longer. The revolutionary, yet simple technology is a less invasive bariatric option than either sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass3,4,5 to help you gradually lose weight and keep it off. So you can live a healthier life.