Your weight loss journey begins with your attendance at one of our informational seminars.  We believe it is important for you to meet our team, obtain information about our unique approach to weight loss, and the surgical options we offer.  Following the seminar, we will gladly arrange for an initial consultation in our office. 

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During this comprehensive and thorough medical evaluation, we will obtain your medical history, including all medications you take, and evaluate your lifestyle and behavioral patterns to determine which surgery is appropriate for your needs.   We will aid you in scheduling appointments with a bariatric dietitian, exercise physiologists and mental health professionals.  If you are being treated by a mental health professional we will defer your mental health clearance to your provider.  Depending on your individual health history, you may be asked to see a cardiologist, endocrinologist, pulmonologist or sleep medicine physician.  Please note that each physician’s office will bill your insurance company directly.

After the initial visit, we will immediately begin work to obtain authorization from your insurance carrier. This process starts with a “letter of medical necessity” that we will write on your behalf to request authorization for surgery based on your weight (Body Mass Index) and your medical conditions (such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain, sleep apnea, diabetes, etc). The health information you provide to us will be used to write this letter.