Risk Factors for Slipping Your Band

Risk Factors for Slipping Your Band

Slipping a gastric band is a rare, but significant complication following laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding. We have had a few slipped bands in our practice over the years and have taken care of many patients who have had bands placed elsewhere, and subsequently slipped their bands. We have observed that these patients share an inability to eat protein based foods, resulting in regurgitation and maladaptive eating behavior. These symptoms persist for a long period of time before the patient returns for follow up. I suspect that during this time period, the patients are experiencing a difficulty with the pouch dilating. If we were able to decrease the volume in the band earlier, the patients would experience less regurgitation, enabling them to utilize the band more effectively. Most importantly, diagnosing and treating pouch dilation early, will result in normalization of the pouch and decrease the chance of slippage.

I therefore implore any patient with a gastric band, to contact our office if you are experiencing regurgitation or sticking of protein foods, so we can schedule an appointment for you to come in and let us evaluate your band.

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